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The 5 Styles of Recruiting for College Baseball Prospects

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by JCbaseball » Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:19 pm ... -Prospects

This entry comes to us from our friends at If you are remotely thinking of seeking a college baseball scholarship, or a scholarship in any sport for that matter, you need to visit their website and they will take great care of you.

Which one are you? Really? Honestly? Where do you fall? And will you rethink your strategy after reading this?

Random Recruiting- You rely on chance encounters with coaches. If a coach is randomly at your game you will consider that school. Maybe you see a team on TV and think you’d like to play for them so you go to their camp.

Rolodex Recruiting - You will rely on the college coaches that your high school coaches or your parents know. You or your coach plan to just send video to the 5 local colleges in an hour radius of your home. Sure these connections may be helpful to get your foot in the door. But is it enough?

Crystal Ball Recruiting - Based primarily upon guess work. This method relies upon people who has little or no knowledge of the recruiting process. You might believe you are D1 and not target any other level schools, and find yourself with no offers. You might believe that if you are not D1 material then you can’t play in college. Not always does the strongest, fastest or highest jumping student-athlete get recruited if someone else has better grades, character, and work ethic. If you do not put yourself in front of the college coaches and allow them an opportunity to say yes or no then you are speculating or guessing as to your recruiting.

Passive Recruiting - This tends to be the trend of thousands of student-athletes and their parents across the United States. Parents have little or no time to have their student-athletes recruiting mapped out, researched and assisted. Thousands of parents taking zero initiative in their student-athlete's recruiting and relying upon someone else to make the college decision for them; a decision that will impact the next 40 years of the STUDENTathlete's life.

Pro-Active Recruiting - You have been properly evaluated (by current NCAA coaches) as to your potential level of play. You know the timelines and rules or recruiting. You have had your profile sent to EVERY school in the nation where you fit in athletically and academically. You have immediately sent your video to the coaches that have requested it. You have the knowledge to navigate the recruiting process. You know where to go during the off season, where to find the necessary tools to increase your chances and how to follow collegiate recruiting timetables to maximize your opportunities and increase your chances of winning that elusive scholarship.

Styles 1-4 might work for you...and you also might win the lottery. To find out how you can start using a PRO-ACTIVE approach that is proven to work for hundreds of our athletes, Create a FREE Profile at

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