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by JCbaseball » Sat May 14, 2016 2:55 pm

Young Catchers should make it a habit to block all breaking pitches in the dirt, even when there are no runners on base and even with less than 2 strikes.

Keep in mind that your #1 job is to make your pitcher look good. Blocking pitches is very important and emphasizes your generalship of the game.

Here are some key points:

Make it your goal to block 100% of the balls in the dirt. This will increase your pitcher's confidence.

Your pitcher may want to throw a curve ball in the dirt to try to get a hitter to chase it and he knows you won't let it get past you.

You must practice this often. Each pitcher's breaking pitch is a little different. Practice with every pitcher on your staff. Use your bullpen time for practicing blocking balls.

By blocking these pitches the entire game, you are ready and have confidence that you can do the job in the 7th inning or extra innings with the game on the line.
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