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1st & 3rd Balk?

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by UmpCoach » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:05 am

Scenario: Runner on 1st and 3rd with a Right handed Pitcher in the set position. As the Pitcher is ready to come to the plate, runner on 1st takes off... the pitcher then does the spin mode where he kicks his leg and left knee points toward 2nd and stops his delivery to try to get the runner going to 2nd...wouldn't this be a Balk? I heard different answers to this but not with any clarity.
I always believed you cannot throw to an unoccupied base but someone said they heard as long as the pitcher is making a play he can do this...I thought he would have to step off the pitchers plate in order to make a play on this runner and not be in motion in his delivery to the plate then all of a sudden do the typical "spin move" as if there was someone on 2nd Base leading off. Any help???
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